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The IWB Holster uses the same design as the OWB.  

Hooch Holsters leaves off the hard plastic belt loops and install leather IWB loops allowing for the holster to be worn inside the pants.  This further enhances concealment for personal carrying.  


Available with soft IWB loops or kydex j hook.


The thickness and rigidity of the .80 kydex prevents the holster mouth from collapsing, thus allowing for easy reholstering.  

Price: $55.00

Glock, 1911, Smith and Wesson M&P, Sig and others

Hooch Holsters makes a variety of different styles of IWB Kydex Holsters.  To see if we make the right one for you, check the drop down menus below.  

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Kydex Holsters are designed for various different applications, and are built to withstand years of abuse in the field. 


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